The Launchable Product Team
CLI Predictive Test Selection Insights

"Raw" CLI profile for custom test runners

AUTHOR: The Launchable Product Team

As you may know, the Launchable CLI is the primary interface between your test runner and the Launchable platform. We've built profiles for common test runners and build tools that abstracts away the specific requirements of that tool for listing tests to run, formatting lists of tests for input into filters (for subsetting), and handling nuances with test reports.

This approach is great for getting started quickly with common tools, but it also means that customers who use custom-built test runners are out of luck. To fix that, we've just released a raw profile for the CLI. This profile is a more low-level interface that you can wrap with your own functions.

So if your team uses a custom test runner and have been waiting to try Launchable, now's the time! Check out the documentation and contact us to get started.

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