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New: Keep flaky tests out of your test runs

AUTHOR: The Launchable Product Team

If you use Predictive Test Selection to intelligently shorten your developers' test sessions and provide faster feedback but flaky tests are slowing them down, you're in luck!

You can now filter out flaky tests above a certain threshold from your subset runs. This is great for early feedback where you want to quickly find out that your change isn't likely to break the build. You may want to run flaky tests later in your software development lifecycle, but if you're just looking for fast feedback, then it's great to get them out of the way.

You can use the new --ignore-flaky-tests-above option on launchable subset to do this. First, check your tests' flakiness scores on the Unhealthy Tests page, then set a threshold when you run launchable subset in your pipeline by adding the new option.

Here's a diagram explaining how it works:

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