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Introducing "Unhealthy Tests" insights, including Never Failing Tests

AUTHOR: The Launchable Product Team

Tests are hard to maintain. Once you write them, they have tendency to stick around, even when it’s no longer clear what value they provide, or when they are hurting more than helping.

SMEs working on maintaining those tests often struggle to make convincing arguments as to what work needs to be done to improve the effectiveness of tests, and get frustrated.

The overall quality of tests suffers, and in the worst case, the annoyance of the tests go too high and developers lose trust in the tests.

Hence the new Unhealthy Tests page in Launchable! This page surfaces tests that exhibit specific issues so that you can investigate and make changes if necessary.

The first new insight on this page is Never Failing Tests. Tests that never fail are like cats who never catch any mice. They take up execution time and require maintenance, but yet they may not add value. For each test, ask yourself if the test provides enough value to justify its execution time. Consider moving the test to the right so that it runs less frequently.

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