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AUTHOR: The Launchable Product Team

Flaky tests are a pervasive problem for development teams. It's so frustrating to spend time diagnosing a test failure that had nothing to do with your code changes. And over time, consistent flakiness can make people weary of all tests and all failures—not just flaky tests—causing a loss of trust in your test suites.

To help solve this problem, today we're introducing Flaky Tests Insights, which is now available in beta.


Launchable can now analyze your test runs to identify flaky tests in your suite so you can fix them. To do this, Launchable assigns each test a flakiness score from 0-1. Tests with higher scores have been identified as more flaky by Launchable. This gives you a clear picture of which flaky tests to tackle first.

To get started, sign up for a free trial and start sending data to Launchable. Your insights should be available soon after.

Together, we can squash flaky tests forever! 💪

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